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Writing and Review

Traducenter offers a wide variety of writing courses, from those in foreign language as in Portuguese, aiming at clarity, conciseness, grammatical correctness, appropriate terminology and style.

The main focus of the writing courses is to develop the student's ability to engage in verbalizing ideas and concepts and turn them into instrumental writing, which is essential for good communication in the labor market.

Moreover, Traducenter provides a qualified course in Writing for the so-called “Vestibular”, taught by competent teachers and focused on the style required by the most significant entrance examinations, namely,  UNICAMP,  FUVEST,  UFSCAR, and even ENEM,  which serves as  score for many other  universities.

In addition to the writing courses, Traducenter  offers review  services of pre-written texts, in both Portuguese and foreign-language; such  services are performed by these distinguished teachers of writing courses. The revised text can be as short as that of a simple e-mail, through institutional catalogs, technical manuals and even the extensive master's or doctoral theses.