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Given the heavy workload that is around today's professional as well as the need to always be taking new courses and progressing in his/her area, Traducenter created a new line of services to help you, prospect client, to soften this arduous task to be updated and ahead of the competition. Our team of professionals, teachers, interpreters and translators, graduated in several areas, some with master’s degree, others with a doctorate, is qualified and able to assist in the preparation of your course completion work (CCW) monographs, thesis abstracts, graduation work , reports and many other services on that line.

If your workload increases in the company and keeps you from translating those daily few e-mails and reports, schedule a class, bring your questions and go home with your translations ready and correct.

If your resume is outdated and you need to modernize and translate it, make an appointment with one of our teachers of the writing or secretariat courses  and you go home with a new, personalized, memorable and lean résumé.