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Translation Services

Traducenter offers translation services in two market segments:

a) Public Translation Service (also called Sworn Translation), in 5 languages, ​​in which the most common documents are:

  • Certificates (Birth, Marriage, Death, Residence, etc.).
  • Personal documents (ID, Social Security number, passport, driver's license, immunization records, etc.)/li>
  • School documentation (elementary, middle, high school, university, improvements, etc.) 
  • Legal documentation (contracts, lawsuits, public notices, subpoenas, adoptions, distribution of estate, etc.)
  • Commercial documents (checks, bordereaux, payroll, balance statements, invoices, etc.).

b) Free Translation:  in 18 languages, in which any documents are included, even those discussed in the above segment, provided they are not meant to be part of lawsuits, for court evidence.

In both cases, the services are delivered in normal, urgent or extraordinary deadlines, depending on the need and choice of the customer.

All prices and terms for the delivery of Sworn Translations are set by the Boards of Trade of each state.

c) Translation and / or transcription of CDs, DVDs or corporate videos, recorded in the vernacular language or marked for caption.