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Translators and Interpreters

Supported by a team of translators accredited by ABRATES (Brazilian Association of Translators) and associated with SINTRA (National Union of Translators), Traducenter  regularly offers the English-Portuguese Training Course for Translators and Interpreters , with classes beginning at various dates throughout the year.  As for other pairs of languages ​​there are specific dates, informed upon request.

The course has  six  phases, with the following lengths and specifications:

Phase I = 09 months

– Introduction to Translation Extension (Vocabulary)

Phase II = 10 months

– Instrumental Portuguese & English  and General Culture

Phase III = 15 months

– Translation & Interpreting Practice (All areas)

Phase IV = 04 months

– Improvement (Laws, Ethics, Preparation for the Sworn Translator Exam of the Boards of Trade)

Phase V = 12 months

– Specialization in Translation (student chooses a specific area: legal, scientific, commercial, technical or literary)

Phase VI = 12 months

– Specialization in Interpreting (simultaneous and / or consecutive in several areas)

Upon completion of the course, students will receive their diploma and may require its accreditation by ABRATES.