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Interpretation Services

The commercial interpretation services are performed in two different ways:

a) Simultaneous – With state-of-the-art equipment   (headphones and wireless operator desk with dual microphone).

b) Consecutive – Monitoring the speakerphone, no stereo, only with a microphone to the speaker and one for the interpreter; usually used for small groups, and even for meetings or phone calls.

For conferences, seminars and large events, the contract must be scheduled at least 90 days in advance so that the time grid of the professional interpreters can be organized.

It falls to the contractor providing literature on the subject to be addressed in order to provide conditions for the interpreter to get familiar with the matter and possible update of vocabulary.

As for meetings and short and small workshops, inside or outside the company, the period prior the contracting may vary from 5 to 30 business days, depending on the level of expertise required.

To answer phone calls and to participate in teleconference or videoconference, often scheduled in the very week, a 24- hour prior notice is enough.

More details are discussed in each case.