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Vocational Tests

With certified applicators, Traducenter also offers its students and students in general, Vocational Testing, to which the applicant must be submitted, preferably in two stages, at 14 and 16 years, or in one step, at 15. The test used was designed at the University of California, in the United States and aims at giving the person concerned, security in his/her choice of career, so that it is visible to him/her why each result was achieved, which is later discussed  with the tested  student and his/her parents.

The test is also applied to college students, who prematurely made ​​their career choice and entered college without much understanding of their own skills and curriculum of the course chosen, and end up quitting their courses or even coming to complete them expressionless, becoming frustrated  professionals, distant from the ranks, when seeking a spot in the labor market. In this case, it is high the probability of the student to strengthen his/her beliefs and happen to relocate disciplines in his/her course, in order to redirect the graduation, or even come to change courses while still in the early years.