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Courses and Internships Abroad

What college student or just-graduated professional would not want to be an intern abroad?

This is the dream of most of the young population that wants to enhance their résumé, including experience abroad.

Traducenter offers unpaid internships from 1 to 3 months in the United States, Canada and New Zealand. In some cases, depending on the area, this stage can reach six months.

The most suitable and most sought after programs are those that occur in school vacation in Brazil, both in summer (December, January and February) and winter (July). This does not prevent, however, that the person will prefer other months of the year. Upon completing the internship, the participant receives a letter of recommendation, whose data can be included in his/her résumé.

The process is quick and the only prerequisite is that the participant has a reasonable command of English, so you can take advantage regardless the company you are in. Good communication with your superiors and co-workers is essential for a good quality internship.

All internship program also includes the 'Homestay' program (the experience of living with an American family), to accelerate the attainment of fluency in English, besides contributing to acquire knowledge of a new culture.

Language courses abroad are selected and programmed with customized services to meet all interests and needs of the participant, either  the choice is  the U.S. or Canada, England, New Zealand to learn English, and France for French, Italy for Italian, Spain and Argentina to Spanish and so on, depending on the chosen language.